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S2 Ep26 Copywriting tips for website copy with Leanne Shelton

  • S2E26
  • 45:59
  • July 19th 2022

Today’s episode we finally feature a guest again! Leanne Shelton of Write Time Marketing is here today to provide copywriting tips for website copy that works.

You might want to take a few notes of things to check afterwards on your own website, or even take Leanne up on her offer especially for FAQ Business Podcast listeners. Leanne talks about headings, keywords, about pages, how much of you to include and much more. She also gives a few insights from things which have worked in her business which is now in it’s 8th year and a great productivity and accountability hack.

This podcast covers all our pillars.

Disclaimer: All information provided today is general in nature.

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Today’s episode featured our guest Leanne Shelton. Her bio and contact details are as follows:

With a background in journalism, marketing, internal communications, events, and B2B sales in corporate, government, and not-for-profit roles, Leanne Shelton founded Write Time Marketing in 2014.

These days, she focuses on the health and wellness niche – and manages a team of mid-senior level Australian SEO copywriters. She also provides content marketing one-on-one Power Hours and group training on topics like business blogging, podcasting, webinars, website copy, LinkedIn and more.

On top of it all, Leanne is the host/leader of the 'Marketing & Me' podcast and Meet Up group, Education Partner with Sydney Hills Business Chamber, and affiliate trainer with City of Parramatta and Women with Altitude.

Outside the office, she enjoys dancing, yoga, meditation, running, reading business books and psychological thrillers, listening to inspiring podcasts, and chilling with her hubby and two young daughters (aged 8 and 6).





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