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Ep010 Robyn Hawke - Creating productive workspaces and business lessons | FAQ Business Podcast

  • S1E10
  • 40:10
  • December 1st 2021

Today's episode is part B of our chat with Robyn Hawke we started in episode 9. Our host Jane Tweedy is interviewing award winning Interior Designer Robyn Hawke, Founder of Inspired Spaces.

We continue the conversation this week in Part B about creating productive workplaces and business lessons, from Robyn who's been in business for 16 years, as well as some actionable education for you to apply in your workspace.

In Part A (episode 9) we had a great conversation about how she overcame self-doubt to win an award, her great tips for how workspaces influence brand and productivity.

This falls under our inspiring leaders and businesses like you, and actionable education pillars. If you prefer to watch it will be on our YouTube channel or read when up on the blog.

Ep009 Blog, podcast and video can be found here: https://faqbusinesstraining.com.au/ep009-robyn-hawke-functional-workspaces-productivity/

Disclaimer - All information provided today is general in nature. Please reach out to Jane or Robyn for personalised advice. Robyn's details appear at the bottom of this section.

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Our episode featured Robyn Hawke, Founder and Interior Designer of Inspired Spaces

Robyn Hawke is a fully qualified Interior Designer, Founder and Director of Inspired Spaces Design Pty Ltd (est 2005).

Award-winning – 2020 Most Outstanding Interior Design Business Hills District – finalist in several awards 2021.

Extensive knowledge of design theory and practice, enhanced by a long background in teaching design in a previous career.

Inspired Spaces key business focus is on residential and more recently commercial redesign and creating the physical branding of a company's persona. Our ability to manipulate space is our key strength which translates into beautiful fully functioning spaces.

Inspired Spaces work with people who value good design and recognise the value great design has on your wellbeing both in terms of health and wealth.

Robyn is a mentor for other designers and runs a group in Sydney called Designer Chicks.

In addition, Robyn has been:

  • Key presenter of seminars at numerous expositions, and industry representative for HIA trade show
  • Was resident writer for Sydney Home and Living Magazine
  • Published in several magazines
  • Regular podcast guest
  • Been a judge for Hills Design Awards
  • Recognised with community awards for the disabled

Robyn's links are:





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